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Tuna Jig / Chunk Combo Ocea LD 2500 [Lever Drag]

Tuna Jig / Chunk Combo Ocea LD 2500 [Lever Drag]

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JDM 24 OCEA JIGGER LD (Lever Drag) (Size)
Feed Sloworx Z Series Alconite EVA (Feed Sloworx Z Series)
Sunline Jigger ULT Multi Color 600M/660Yard (Size)

Super lightweight but amazingly powerful Tuna Jig/Chunk outfits - you won't want to fight a fish any other way after using one of these combos.  80 pound Yellowfin are coming to the gaff in under 10 minutes with ease on these setups!

Feed Jigging Rod + Shimano Ocea LD [LEVER DRAG]- Medium or High Gear your choice + Sunline ULT the #1 Selling Line in Japan - all for a crazy combo price.

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