About Us

At Palmarius, we take pride in crafting fishing rods that embody the perfect blend of exceptional design, unparalleled performance, and utmost reliability. Our commitment to excellence starts with selecting the finest materials, combining proven tapers with the highest quality Toray Nanocarbon blank sourced directly from Japan.

When you hold a Palmarius rod in your hands, you’ll immediately notice its remarkable characteristics. These rods possess a unique ability to bend beautifully, allowing for precise control and effortless jigging. With a quick recoil, they offer unparalleled sensitivity, ensuring that you never miss a bite. Say goodbye to shaky rods that compromise your angling experience.

What sets Palmarius apart is our listening. Incorporating features like larger guides, sturdier tappers, and our P/P P-Protector – we satisfy the asks and demands of American anglers in this exploding verticle market. Our rods where designed in Japan with input from the very best and most respected anglers in the field. Our founder, Dan Harley, spent more than 5 weeks living in Asia as these rods where tuned and perfected. That’s why they are so “fishing” they where given the time and due diligence to produce a better product, one that flicks the jig just right – to draw those savage bites that we all crave as anglers. If you look at the Palmarius “Brag Book” [insert link] you will see a stunning collection of trophy catches.
Our rods are designed to be user-friendly, allowing novice anglers to experience the thrill of catching quality fish on metal jigs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your fishing journey, Palmarius Rods will empower you to achieve truly dramatic results.

Palmarius Rods