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Sunline Siglon 8X Multi Color 1200M/1300 Yards

Sunline Siglon 8X Multi Color 1200M/1300 Yards

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Get the famous Japan made Siglon 8x super braid you desire now in a larger 1200M /1300Y filler spool ( Interconnected small spools so designed to fill a single reel or two medium reels or part out with your buddies.  Yes its one continous piece of line, just wound over 12 x 100M smaller spools - standard Japanese packaging. 

Perfect size for an Ocea Jigger 4000 or Daiwa Saltiga 55 or a Seaborg 400/500 sized electric reel - will fill it without too much waste at all.

Folks don't be mislead - Japan made means Japan made and don't buy into Japan fibers knitted in China - that's utter rubbish.  Sunline makes the world's best braid the #1 selling braid in Japan and the way its laid on the filler spool is equally important, it fills smoothly without "divers" and "risers" that cut and weaken the line during the spooling process.

If there was a better line on the market we would stock it.

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