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Sea Floor Control SEIQZ S15H Limited Edition RED

Sea Floor Control SEIQZ S15H Limited Edition RED

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Sea Floor Control SEIQZ 100% Japan Made to Perfection

As the Authorized SFC Importer and Distributor for America we can offer full warranty support and aftercare service.

After a long development period, the SFC original reel "SEIQZ" was finally born.

The biggest feature is the gear, which is the lifeline of the reel. In order to achieve outstanding sensitivity and strength, strong high-strength stainless steel is used as the material. 

Furthermore, we are particular about MADE IN JAPAN, and the world-class metalworking craftsmen have made precision machine cuts one by one. 

The specifications are a unique high module type that sets it apart from existing reels, giving it a powerful winding taste. 

The simple structure, excellent durability provided by tough gear, and the sense of stability when fighting are also attractive

The ultimate weapon to conquer jigging

The development of the original reel, which was the long-cherished desire of SFC, which continues to lead the world of slow pitch jerk. 

In 2021, which commemorates the 10th anniversary of our founding, we were able to bring together our know-how and announce it here.
SEIQZ cannot be mass-produced. 

That is because we pursue high quality made in Japan. 

Furthermore, in order to achieve both ease of use and cool coolness, we explored the SFC-ness in every detail at the design stage. 

The asymmetrical frame that has excellent holding power and weight balance, the frame cut that prevents backlash, the notch of the drag

that is cut diagonally, etc., the cool functional beauty that is unique in the world will satisfy the angler's desire for ownership.


Own weight 447g
Gear ratio 6.3: 1
Maximum drag force 7.0kg
* If a load of 7kg or more is applied, the drag washer and bearing may be damaged.
Number of bearings 9 (stainless steel)
Maximum hoisting length
(one turn of handle)
100 cm
PE spool amount No. 2: 600m
Drag lever 1 click: about 500g
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