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Palmarius P+ 2024 Cork Series- Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

Palmarius P+ 2024 Cork Series- Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

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2024 Palmarius P+ Cork Limited Edition CORK SiC + Ti Rods

Fuji Titanium Frame Arowana Tip Top

The light weight tip top doesn't impede action or feel.

The Lightest frame in Fuji history 3D Tangle-Free Structure

Each model is available as

  • Conventional Acid Wrapped
  • Or as a blank shaft to build your own custom rod
  • Designed in Japan to exceed the current generation of Slow Pitch Rods
  • Built without an eye to "price" we built the very best rod we could and priced it fairly
  • Virtually all makers now advertise any thin rod with a split butt as a "Slow Jigging Rod" many are receiving a costly education - our works and the results are impressive!
  • Super sensitive rods give you the ability "to feed peanuts" to Elephants and successful land these leviathans of the Deep on extremely light, fun and high Performance tackle
  • Most models weight approximately 5 ounces!
  • Ergonomically correct reel seat fits your hand "like a glove" effortless fishing all day long
  • Also recommended for those with arthritis
  • Real Lifetime warranty (not a marketing idea to sell you a second rod)
  • Constructed of High End 100% Japanese Toray carbon fiber material
  • A secret mix of both both ultra-high elasticity Toray carbon and rigid and sensitive Toray carbon ~woven at opposing angles.
  • Matt is trimmed so precisely that there is no unwanted "matt on matt" overlapping seam therefore reducing / nearly eliminating the Spine
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