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Palmarius L Series Slow / Long Fall Jigging Rod BLANK

Palmarius L Series Slow / Long Fall Jigging Rod BLANK

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True Slow Style / Slow Pitch Jigging

  • More than 3 years in development
  • Specifically designed for big boat (Party, long range)
  • Longer 7 foot 2 Inch Blank
  • Stronger - Designed with backbone and a distinct shutoff where the rod will not just bend and bend like a rubber band, you can control your fish 
  • Better Warranty
  • Length of 7'2", allowing for technical slow pitch movements but it can also accommodate long fall technique.
  • Constructed of Japanese Toray NanoAlloy Carbon Fiber
  • Quad Matt construction
  • Matt is trimmed so precisely that there is no unwanted "matt on matt" overlapping seam therefore reducing / nearly eliminating the Spine
  • Lifetime replacement warranty to original owner with small deductible
  • 72-1   7 feet 2 inches 100g to 300g jigs
  • 72-2   7 feet 2 inches 150g to 400g jigs
  • 72-3   7 feet 2 inches 200g to 550g Jigs
  • 72-4   7 feet 2 inches 300g to 650g Jigs



7'2"  L Series Premium Series w Titanium Torzite double footed and single footed stronger and larger guides


Better materials using exclusively Toray CA Nano Carbon Matt and Premium UV Resistant Resins

Our heaviest model the 72-4, is factory lift tested to over 18kg @ 45 degrees


We are a direct importer.  We deal directly with the very same factory that produces the Shimano Game Type J series, St. Croix, Tailwalk, Nash and dozens of "household names" 

Blanks come from the factory to us to you, there is no distributor, no national advertising campaigns to fund, no layers to add to the price.

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