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Daiwa - SEABORG G300J Electric Reel

Daiwa - SEABORG G300J Electric Reel

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New!This beefed up version of the 400J has been nick named the "TOUGH LIGHT MONSTER" over in Japan where it was released this past late October 2023.  The  SEABORG G400J is based on SEABORG 400J and has even higher durability.

Its equipped with a highly durable, high-power MAGMAX-G motor, achieving four times the durability of the base model. Produces responsive rotational feel and power. Because it is highly durable, you can not only aim for larger fish that are one rank higher, but also use electric jigging to target fish such as dragonflies, yellowfin tuna, and amberjack.

Light and sensitive "TOUGH LIGHT MONSTER²" Compatible with electric jigging / High durability (G = motor 3 year warranty) / High power / Lightweight 600g


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