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Yamaga Galahad Slow Jigging

Yamaga Galahad Slow Jigging

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A True 100% Made in Japan Rod!

A rod that is too stiff or too soft is of no use in Slow Pitch Jigging.

Slow pitch rods require a certain tautness and flexibility in order to work the jig and make it drop and perform as intended.  For this style of fishing, Yamaga has painstaking engineered he Galahad Series - with cutting edge technology so as to prevent loss of motion and rhythm when working on the jigs.

Yamaga rods are slightly shorter at 6'3" and 6'2".

The unique characteristics of the blank makes it easy even for a beginner to master the slow pitch techniques.

    • Advanced materials for amazing light weight. 
    • You can fish these rods all day long with no fatigue
    • Truly a pleasure to fish
    • 100% Hand Made in Japan
    • Amazing finish, fit and overall quality
  • Galahad 63/2 Slow 134 gram rod that's 4.72 Ounces!
  • Galahad 63/3 Slow 141 gram rod that's 4.97 Ounces!
  • Galahad 62/3 Slow 148 gram rod that's 5.22 Ounces!
  • Galahad 62/4 Slow 151 gram rod that's 5.32 Ounces!
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