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Palmarius P+ Series Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

Palmarius P+ Series Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

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Guide Wrap

Palmarius Rods where developed as the result of importing, distributing and ultimately living in Japan and Asia to improve and tune existing major brands of SPJ rods for the United States marketplace. 

Many (most) SPJ rods are simply not designed for the way American anglers fish and the types and the size of species we routinely encounter.

Our path to development began with acting as the T/R importer and distributor for more than six years, in that time we sold and serviced literally thousands and thousand of rods. 

We listened to what our customers had to say, we fixed and upgraded the rods ultimately resulting in our own prototypes, tuned and perfected for the American and South American marketplace:  bigger fish, bigger anglers, bigger sharks. 

We proved the rods worked in extensive testing with the very best Jig and Pop Captains from Mass to Florida to Panama and Mexico

  • 2023 P+ Slow Jigging EVA Edition
  • 15% Increase in strength over the 2022 P Series
  • No change to the action – blanks are un-sanded leaving more of the natural carbon fiber showing
  • Fuji SiC guides with Torzite KG Titanium Frame Arowana Tip Top
  • Equipped with Titanium TORZITE tip, the light weight tip top doesn’t impede action or feel.
  • The Lightest frame in Fuji history 3D Tangle-Free Structure
  • Each model is available as a
    Conventional Straight
    Conventional Acid Wrapped
    Blank Only (to use to make a custom rod)
  • Designed in Japan to exceed the current generation of Slow Pitch Rods
  • Built without an eye to “price” we built the very best rod we could and priced it fairly
  • Virtually all makers now advertise any thin rod with a split butt as a “Slow Jigging Rod” many are receiving a costly education – our works and the results are impressive!
  • Super sensitive rods give you the ability “to feed peanuts” to Elephants and successful land these leviathans of the Deep on extremely light, fun and high Performance tackle
  • Most models weight approximately 5 ounces!
  • Ergonomically correct reel seat fits your hand “like a glove” effortless fishing all day long
  • Also recommended for those with arthritis
  • Real Lifetime warranty (not a marketing idea to sell you a second rod)
  • Constructed of High End 100% Japanese Toray carbon fiber material
  • A secret mix of both both ultra-high elasticity 30 t carbon and rigid and sensitive 40 t carbon ~woven at opposing angles.
  • Matt is trimmed so precisely that there is no unwanted “matt on matt” overlapping seam therefore reducing / nearly eliminating the Spine


  • One Piece rod less points of failure, lower over all weight
  • Better materials using exclusively Toray CA Nano Carbon Matt and Premium UV Resistant Resins
  • Our heaviest model the -5, is factory lift tested to over 18kg @ 45 degrees


We are a direct importer.  We deal directly with the very same factory that produces the Shimano Game Type J series, St. Croix, Tailwalk, Nash and dozens of “household names”

Rods come from the factory to us to you, there is no distributor, no national advertising campaigns to fund, no layers to add to the price.

I have no Partners, no “financiers” so I do not have to add profit to satisfy another household or 3rd party 🙂


Of the course of selling literally thousands of Slow Pitch Rods, we listened to our customer’s frustrations, breaks, pulls and general dislike of the “tiny micro guides” and there you will find a totally reengineered top quality Fuji Guide Train on each and every rod.

All rods in this series us a Fuji Torzite Titanium Tip top for premier performance and minimal line wear.  In the P Series you will find Steel footed Fuji Alconite guides, while in the Leviathans Series, you will find 100% Titanium guides and sanded/painted blanks.


Ability to set the hook when needed

Distinct “shut off” at the striper guide gives you the power to horsefish away from and out of heavy structures.

  • 6′ 6″ 198 CM Models 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • 6'3" 185 CM Models 6, 7
  • One piece
  • 100% Toray Japan dual matt construction
  • Distinct “shut off’ for increased lifting power
  • Larger guides are compatible with all knots from most skill levels
  • 100% Fuji hardware
  • Series observes Shimano’s colour coding system for easy pairing rod line leader jig takes the guesswork out
  • Sensibly priced
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