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Palmarius Big Game Split Ring Plier

Palmarius Big Game Split Ring Plier

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Forged stainless steel pliers are first plated with a hard nickel chrome coating, that surface is then treated with colored oxide coatings to produce a truly unique and extremely saltwater resistant pair of pliers, that we back with a Lifetime warranty.

Often imitated never duplicated - our pliers is the ONLY set on the market machined in such a way that the jaws grasp and hold the round wire of the split ring itself making rigging quicker and less likely to drop the ring in the process.

Most connections, including Jig to Hook and Popper to hook, tend to be made using heavy-duty split rings, a well-engineered and manufactured set of Split Ring pliers is vital to success.

Split rings are often the preferred connection method due to their toughness and durability.

However, as they are designed to be tough and difficult to open, a pair of pliers specifically designed to perform the following tasks is necessary:

  • Open the split ring without distorting it, thereby weakening it.
  • Quickly make these connections when fish are breaking and you need to re-rig or change lures.
  • Manipulate large treble hooks on poppers without hurting yourself.
  • The jaws of the pliers are manufactured with such precision that you can hear a positive 'click' when the pliers grasp the round wire of the split ring correctly. 
  • This ensures that the split ring is opened without being distorted, maintaining its strength and integrity.
  • The machined jaws then quickly install or remove even the toughest split rings that you may previously have struggled with.

These Split Ring Pliers will become your go-to tool, and you will love using them. It is worth noting that the Captain on your next charter may be so impressed with them that you may have to leave them behind as a tip!

The Palmarius Split Ring pliers are an excellent investment for any serious Jig and Pop fisherman. Their precision engineering ensures that making the process of connecting your Jig or Popper to your hook is quick and easy.

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