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Shimano Japan

JDM Shimano Ocea F Custom Fishing Reel

JDM Shimano Ocea F Custom Fishing Reel

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JDM Shimano F Custom Reels

JDM Shimano Ocea F Custom Fishing Reel

Why buy dated technology?  We have the newest 2021 Shimano F Custom Ocea Jiggers from Japan in stock.

Shimano mounts the fall lever in a new way and this model is now called the "F Custom" model.

The unique fall control lever can be operated instantly with one thumb.

You control not only fall speed but also underwater posture of jig freely and make inviting, as the majority of bites do happen on the fall why not take advantage of it!

As you know many strikes occur on the initial drop it's self ~ Shimano has introduced technology to take advantage of that situation.

In addition, a new lightweight handle knob that is easy to hold and easy to handle, can easily cope with high loads such as mid-deep fishing.

Reduces the burden on the angler. Of course, Ocea Jigger's proud technology such as smooth and strong winding with infinity drive and micro module gear, high rigidity and durability, and smooth drag performance continues as it is. The 1500s are great for jigging with red sea bream, tailfish, root fish and mid-deep seas, and the 2000s and 3000s show their value in the game against large fish in the open sea such as kampachi and tuna.

The 2000 series is for North Atlantic Tilefish, Barrellfish, trophy Grouper and more

Not an authorized Shimano Dealer, reels are sold as JDM product without USA Warranty of any kind.

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