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Feed! Saltworx GT/Tuna Popping

Feed! Saltworx GT/Tuna Popping

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Feed! GT Popping

Feed! 2 Piece GT/TUNA Popping

FEED! GT/TUNA Popping Rods are finally here!

The result of years and years of field experience + the best manufacturing by MajorCraft JP



They are really well engineered, well constructed rods without the "pretense" but trust me you will not be disappointed in the performance.
If something is distributed and purchased right from the Factory without layers the price can be and is very reasonable.


These are made with the best Toray NanoAlloy Matt + 100% Fuji components including SiC guides, Fuji Reel Seat, etc. Comes in dual compartment rod sock.


Introductory priced at just under $400! Easily competes with rods retailing for $600/$800 Category all day long.



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