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Daiwa Saltiga 2023

Daiwa Saltiga 2023

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Daiwa Saltiga MagSealed Body, Interchangeable spool.


Spool Lock

Great drag sound

No clicker | Spool Lock

Made in Japan 

Quick Easy Explanation of line capacity

The most versatile standard model for jigging using PE 1.5 to 4 are the 15 and 15L. These ship with a factory standard with a 75-85mm aluminum crank handle arm, perfect for one-pitch jerks and side-holding styles such as jig swimming.

The 15 and 15L have a line capacity of 400m of PE 3, a gear ratio of 6.3 for powerful winding and a strong drag, making them suitable for everything from inshore bluefish to tonjigi, yellowfin tuna, and amberjack.

The 15H and 15HL have a line capacity of 400m of PE 3 and a gear ratio of 7.1 (winding length 115cm) for Yellowtail fishing and fishing with a flying jig action.

The 15S and 15SL have a gear ratio of 6.3 (winding length 103cm) and a shallow spool. They are effective for jigging at depths of less than 100m using PE 1.5 400m and PE 2 300m capacity vs 400m of PE3 for the 15/15L and 15H/HL.

We hope that helps as it can be a little bit confusing!

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